How To Use Videos on Facebook To Filter a Captive Audience

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In generating leads, there are many cost-effective ways that it can be achieved and Facebook’s Custom Audiences is one of them. With Facebook’s Custom Audiences you can target the right audience who are more likely to be interested in your products and services, to encourage more leads being generated and to drive sales. Custom Audiences provides the ability to focus on customer engagement, ensuring that you target your ads at people on Facebook who are already familiar with you, your products and services and any solutions you may provide.

Stage 1

A good way that we utilise Facebook Custom Audiences is by creating a short educational video on your products, services and any solutions your company may provide, make sure that it’s a video that only your ideal customer would watch. It may be useful for you to make the video provide real value and not make it sales driven, as the video isn’t designed to make your sale. It’s designed to filter your audience, but don’t worry too much about creating an offer at this point, as that can come later.

Stage 2

The next steps are to upload the video to Facebook, publish it to your page and create your custom audience. With a Facebook Ad account, you can create custom audiences of people who have watched at least 70 – 75% of the video. We will use this audience later for the sales driven ad.

Stage 3

Create a post on your Facebook page, with the video and try and get as many organic views as you can. You will find that because Facebook (and people) love videos, it will get more reach than image or text posts.

Stage 4

You can boost your video post to get more views, using Facebook’s standard targeting options. This should ensure the right audience is watching the video and you’re filtering out those who aren’t interested (As they probably won’t watch over 75% of the video).

Stage 5

Now you can utilise your custom audience and run a sales driven ad. Your sales driven advert is only displayed to people who have watched over 75% of your educational video, who will already be familiar with your brand through your video.

Your cost per view will depend on your audience, but even your educational video is helping to build your brand. You’ll want to make sure you have your conversion tracking set up so you can see how many leads you get from this campaign and your cost per lead. If it’s profitable, it’s a no brainer to keep it running.

The good thing is the people in your audience will be drawn from anyone who’s watched the video. Anyone new who engages within the time period you choose will be added to the audience, which means that the audience is constantly being refreshed, so you don’t need to edit or create a new Engagement Custom Audience unless you want to change the time period or the type of engagement.

It’s a rinse and repeat strategy that can work for pretty much any business and makes your final sales driven ad much more effective. You’re literally teeing customers up then knocking it out of the park.

If you are selling a service, we would recommend that you put yourself in front of the camera in your videos as it can build trust and familiarity with your new potential customers, even animations work well too. Also for your own benefit, you might not get the video right first time around so it might be useful that you create educational video content on a regular basis.

From experience, we have found that having educational videos on our website can be a great resource to explain strategies, just by sending a link in an email, and now we even embed videos in proposals too. Eventually, you will have a website with a page full of educational video content, that will make you stand out as an authority and a trusted advisor.

Give this method a try and you should be driving more leads through Facebook on autopilot, but we’d interested to hear how it works out for you.

Alex Curtis

Alex Curtis

Digital Marketer at The Lead Engine
Alex is digital marketer specialising in lead generation; helping clients to drive the right website traffic through PPC & SEO and improve the conversion rate of their website to increase sales. The Lead Engine is a bespoke lead generation software tool developed to convert more website traffic into leads.
Alex Curtis

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