How to Navigate a Website Effectively – 5 Top Tips

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Tips and Guides

With the launch of the brand new Hello My PA website, I felt my first blog post should be informative and helpful. What could be more helpful than offering you a few tips on how to effectively navigate a website? You’re welcome!

Is it where you need to be?
Firstly let’s use the brand new Hello My PA website as an example. Wow, that was convenient right? When you first visit website, the most obvious thing you will need to decide is “is this the site I need?” If you’re looking for an apple tree to plant in the family garden and you go to a site about researching your family history, then no, you aren’t in the right place. When you visit the Hello My PA website, if you are looking for ways to increase your productivity, tips and advice on all aspects of your business and to find out more about hiring a virtual assistant, then you are in the right place!

Do you like the host?
OK, let’s not make it personal but is the company or person behind the website reputable? Can you trust the information on the site? If you find a website which sells apple trees but the person behind the site doesn’t like gardening, it probably isn’t a good place to buy from. When you visit the the ‘About’ page on Hello My PA (I know, I know, this is a risky game right?) you can decide for yourself whether I am the right person to help you. You could even check to see if the site has a testimonials section to see what other people think.  Ever so conveniently, I have a testimonials page which my past and present clients have contributed to.

Does the site offer up to date information?
A lot of sites will be great sources of information but is there a part of the site which is updated regularly with up to date news, tips and advice; like this blog for example or perhaps The Advice Academy? Maybe the company or the person has an email list that you can sign up to so you can get information directly to your inbox. A little like the Hello My PA Journal,

How can you network with other people who like this site?
Now you have found the site you need, decided you like the host (!!!) and made sure you’re not going to miss out on updates to the site, you might find it useful to find other people who like the site or company. Perhaps the blog on the site has multiple authours, just like The Advice Academy (you can find their profiles at the bottom of each post). Maybe you can find the company or person on social media. The icons are normally on the site somewhere. I have placed mine along the bottom of each page, can you see them? I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn so come and say hi. Once you have connected with the main site creators, you’ll be able to see who else follows them. You never know who you might connect with!

Have you got what you need?
Now you have navigated though the site (and probably bookmarked it for later)  you need to make sure that you have what you came for. Were you just browsing or did you have a question. If you needed some specific information, have you found it? If not, most good sites have a contact page, just like this one. You can just email and ask your question directly. Your query might even help the site creator to improve their site!

I hope you have found this article super useful in your website navigation practice. If not then at least you will have a good idea of what Hello My PA does and how I can help you! If not, you know how to get in touch…

Annie B

Annie B

Virtual assistant, craft blogger, Mummy of two boys, wife of an academic, owner of a tiny cat, stationery lover and a long term sufferer of a tea and biscuit addiction.
Annie B

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