The 3 Most Important Questions a Freelancer Should Ask Before Using Social Media

by | Aug 23, 2017 | The Advice Academy, Tips and Guides

I’m often asked about my top tips for freelancers and small business owners who are either starting out with social media or struggling to see results from their current social media activities. The biggest issue is usually a lack of planning and consistancy in their marketing. Small business owners are always overwhelmed with work – emails, phone calls from their clients, actual work for clients, admin, book keeping etc and as a result their own marketing planning comes last.

Here are 3 questions freelancers/small business owners should ask & answer before jumping into setting up social media accounts and posting everywhere:

What do you want to achieve on social media?

This question relates to your overall business goals and main marketing strategy, including website, email, content, SEO, etc. Do you want to establish your brand or expertise in your niche? Drive more traffic to your website? Collect more leads? Get more newsletter subscribers/sales from your e-shop? Each of these goals require a different strategy and have different metrics to watch.

Who’s your target market and where do they hang out online?

It doesn’t matter that you have 1,000 likes on Facebook if your audience consists mainly of teenagers who use Snapchat or Instagram much more than Facebook. Understanding your audience, their demographics and psychographics, is crucial for the success of your online campaign. You need to be where your audience is and speak their language. You need to understand what needs and pains your target customers have and clearly communicating (showing with examples), how you can solve these pain points for them.

How many resources can you invest in social media?

I’m not talking only about money, but also time, dedication and energy. Social media can’t stand alone, you should also include website, SEO, content, visuals and email into your plan. It’s all connected. You need content (blog posts, video, visuals, infographics, podcasts) to showcase your expertise and to boost your SEO. You need a website or at least a landing page to collect leads for your email marketing. You need email and social media to distribute your content, to engage with your audiences and to build relationships.

What do you struggle with the most on social media? Are there other questions you keep asking yourself? Tweet me @lenkakopp.

Lenka Koppova

I’m a freelance Social Media Consultant I help small businesses, startups and social enterprises to grow by using social media for brand awareness, online networking and community building.

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